CSANZ 2020

Alexander Lyon

Senior Lecturer in Cardiology, Imperial College London, UK

Dr Alexander Lyon is a Senior Lecturer in Cardiology at Imperial College London and a Consultant Cardiologist at the Royal Brompton Hospital. His clinical interests are in the field of heart failure, cardio-oncology including chemotherapy cardiomyopathy and the cardiovascular complications of modern cancer therapies, Takotsubo syndrome and the effects of major stresses of the heart, and the development of novel therapeutics including gene therapy for chronic heart failure. Alex has published 111 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, several book chapters in cardiology textbooks, he is an associate editor of the European Journal of Heart Failure, and his H-index is 32.
Alex is the clinical lead for the Cardio-Oncology service at the Royal Brompton Hospital since 2011, specialising in surveillance and cardioprotection from modern cancer drugs, risk stratification and treatment of all cardiac complications of cancer treatment.

Alex is the current president of the British Cardio-Oncology Society, a member of a new European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Council of Cardio-Oncology and he is the cardiology advisor to the charity Macmillan Cancer.
Alex is on the board of the Heart Failure Association of the ESC, and he is the chair of the Heart Failure Association Cardio-Oncology Study Group.

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