CSANZ 2021

JMCC Early Investigator Symposium


  Chairs: Adrian Abdo and Helena Viola
1345-1400 A novel non-invasive measurement of myocardial infarct size in the mouse using cardiac ultrasound tissue displacement mapping Daniel Donner, VIC
1400-1415 Mitochondrial function, location and abundance in ventricular tissue from neonatal and young adult rat hearts Sarbjot Kaur, NZ
1415-1430 Low-flow, low-gradient aortic stenosis: An increasing phenomenon or simply wider recognition? Jonathan Sen, VIC
Abstract No. 786
1430-1445 T wave morphology biomarkers in congenital and acquired long QT syndrome Daniel Tardo, NSW
Abstract No. 294
1445-1500 Hospital in the home in the treatment of heart failure in Australia Stephanie Montalto, VIC
Abstract No. 755
1500-1530 Afternoon break  


  JMCC Early Investigator Workshop: Improving the quality and translation of discovery science
  Chairs: Julie McMullen and Melissa Reichelt
1530-1545 What granting agencies and funding bodies are doing to improve the quality of discovery science / simple strategies for improving preclinical animal studies Julie McMullen, VIC
1545-1600 The importance of multiple cohorts and seeing the positive from negative results Yow Keat Tham, VIC
1600-1615 Getting the most out of preclinical models of disease; reliable data and suitable models Melissa Reichelt, QLD
1615-1630 Human cardiac organoids and unbiased laboratory methods to help discovery-translation James Hudson, QLD
1630-1645 Preclinical echocardiography: An update on in vivo phenotyping of cardiac physiology Daniel Donner, VIC
1645-1700 Interpreting data from transgenic Cre lines; the devil in the details Kelly Smith, QLD
1700-1715 Show me the data ($) Salvatore Pepe, VIC
1715-1730 Panel discussion Christine Des Rosiers, Canada
Joseph Wu, USA