CSANZ 2022

Fetal Cardiology Symposium

Thursday 11 August, 2022
9.00 AM - 3.30 PM

Target Audience:

Obstetricians, sonographers, cardiologists, nurses, midwives, trainees and others involved in perinatal cardiac care.


There is no additional fee for those attendees with a CSANZ ASM full registration.
Symposium-only registration fees:
Consultants - AU$300
Echo-technicians, Nurses, Fellows - AU$200

 Fetal Cardiology SymposiumRoom 5

Session 1

  Chairs: Jonathan Forsey and Tom Gentles  
0900-0920 Fetal diagnosis of Tetralogy of Fallot in ANZ  Zoe Vetten, NZ
0920-0940 FAST trial update Darren Hutchinson, VIC
0940-1000 Vascular rings - diagnosis and then what? Alex Gooi, NSW
1000-1030 Discussion  
1030-1100 Morning Tea Foyer

Session 2

  Chairs: Paul Brooks and Darshan Kothari  
1100-1120 Measures of fetal well-being (MFM for dummies cardiologists) Fabricio Costa, QLD
1120-1140 Measures of cardiac function in the fetus Alison Lee-Tannock, QLD
1140-1200 Twin pregnancy - physiology and heart disease Glenn Gardiner, QLD
1200-1220 Interesting case pot pouri Ben Auld, QLD
1220-1230 Discussion  
1230-1330 Lunch Foyer

Session 3

  Chairs: Terry Roberston and Garry Sholler  
1330-1400 The role of AI in prenatal diagnosis Anita Moon-Grady, USA
1400-1420 Trends in prenatal diagnosis Tom Gentles, NZ
1420-1440 First-trimester screening Ritu Mogra, NSW
1440-1500 Genetic testing - who, what and when? Chris Richmond, QLD
1500-1520 Ethics - when should we stop screening? Joseph Thomas, QLD
1520-1530 Discussion  
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea Foyer
1600-1700 Paediatric and Congenital Council AGM