CSANZ 2021

Cardiovascular Genetics Council Symposium

To attend, please indicate at the time of registration or email csanzet@theconferencecompany.com 

  Session Title: Utility of genetics in cardiology
  Chairs: Belinda Gray and Renee Johnson
1300-1315 Introduction to genetics, genomes and genetic  Richard Bagnall, NSW
1315-1330 Functional testing and variant interpretation Speaker TBC
1330-1345 How does genetic testing help guide therapy?  Jon Skinner, NZ
1345-1400 Genetic counselling and the multidisplinary cardio-genetic  Laura Yeates, NSW
1400-1415 Panel discussion and Q&A  
1415-1445 Coffee Break  
  Session Title: Cardiogenetics case-based presentations
  Chairs: Belinda Gray and Renee Johnson
1445-1515 Cardiomyopathy Vimal Patel, WA
1515-1545 Familial hyperlipidemia  David Sullivan, NSW
1545-1600 Inherited arrhythmia syndromes  Martin Stiles, NZ
1600-1615 Aortopathy Dominica Zentner, VIC
1615-1630 Panel discussion  
1630-1715 Cardiovascular Genetics Council AGM