1 - 4 August 2024


Yoshihiko Saito

Nara Medical University, Japan

Yoshihiko Saito, a physician-scientist in the cardiovascular field, graduated from Nara Medical University in 1981 and started his scientific career in 1985 at Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine. He got his thesis on natriuretic peptides' clinical and pathological significance in 1990. He moved to the National Cardiovascular Center Research Institute to study protein purification and molecular biology. 

He was appointed to Nara Medical University as a professor of the First Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, in 2002. He is currently CEO of Nara Prefecture Seiwa Medical Center from 2022.

During the last 35 years, he has studied the three primary research targets: the diagnostic and therapeutic application of natriuretic peptides in heart failure, the molecular mechanism of cardiorenal connection, and the creation of clinical evidence of heart failure management using cohort and big data analyses. He published over 600 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including NEJM, JAMA, JCI, Circulation, Circ Res, JACC, EHJ, and JMCC, with an H-index of 98. He received many honourable awards, including the President’s Distinguished Lecture Award in 2019 from ISHR and the Japanese Heart Failure Society Distinguished Leader Award in 2023. He has been the president of ISHR International since 2022.