1 - 4 August 2024


Edward Lakatta

National Institutes of Health*, Baltimore, USA

Dr. Lakatta received his M.D. from Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C. in 1970. His postdoctoral training included an internship and residency in medicine at Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester School of Medicine, cardiology fellowships at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins University Hospitals, and basic research training at NIH and at the Department of Physiology, University College, London, England. He was section chief of the Cardiovascular Laboratory in the Clinical Physiology Branch from 1976 to 1985, at which time he founded the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Science.

*Dr. Lakatta is presenting in his personal capacity.


The RT Hall Lecture 

RT Hall came to Sydney from England in 1853 on the vessel “Waterloo”. He was consumptive but managed to survive the long voyage, and made a complete recovery His affairs flourished and when he died in 1894, he established a trust initially for: “An invalid home for the reception, cure and treatment of culture for respectable, moral persons, residing in Sydney or its suburbs, and suffering from consumption of the lungs”. A sanitarium was established in the Blue Mountains in 1909 and was active till the early 1950s when the treatment of tuberculosis radically changed. The trust then looked for an alternative field to support and became involved in The National Heart Foundation. In 1959 and for a number of years, the bequest supported the RT Hall Lecturer. In more recent times, the bequest has supported the RT Hall Prize and the lectureship has been funded by a donation from The National Heart Foundation.