CSANZ 2019

Christine Des Rosiers

Director, Montreal Heart Institute Research Centre, Canada

Dr Christine Des Rosiers is a Professor in the Department of Nutrition of the Université de Montréal and Director of the Montreal Heart Institute Research Centre Metabolomic Laboratory and Platform.  She is a founding member of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism, for which she also served as President (2015-2018). The focus of her research is on the role of metabolic alterations in the pathogenesis of disease, particularly heart disease. She has over 25 years of research experience in metabolic investigations using stable isotopes and mass spectrometric-based methodology. She specifically gained recognition for the development of these methods for the metabolic and functional phenotyping of the ex vivo working mouse heart. More recently, she has taken the direction of metabolomic initiatives as part of multidisciplinary translational projects aiming at the discovery of biomarkers of disease development or treatment response in various conditions, which include heart disease, but also diabetes, as well as mitochondrial and inflammatory diseases.

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