CSANZ 2019

JMCC Early Investigator Symposium and Panel Discussion


  Session Title: Early Career Research Presentations
  Chairs: To be confirmed
1345-1400 Expression of follistatin-like 3 is not altered in the right atrial
appendage in patients with myocardial infarction
Matthew Morten, NSW
Abstract No. 0609
1400-1415 Glycogen accumulation in the diabetic heart is linked with
impaired cardiomyocyte diastolic function
Lorna Daniels, NZ
Abstract No. 0137
1415-1430 The role of extracellular matrix stiffness on regulation of cardiac
metabolic activity: Implications for the development of
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Helena Viola, WA
Abstract No. 0215
1430-1445 Novel adenosine A2B receptor signalling in cardiac fibroblasts –
Uncovering context-specific biased agonism 
Elizabeth Vecchio, VIC
Abstract No. 0161
1445-1500 Understanding the mechanisms of murine cardiac fibrosis:
Fibulin-3 may play an important role in extracellular matrix
Lucy Murtha, NSW
Abstract No. 0220
1500-1530 Afternoon Break  
  Session Title: Improving the quality and translation of pre‐clinical and clinical research
  Chairs: Julie McMullen and Kate Weeks
1530-1540 Session overview and concerns regarding the reproducibility
of pre-clinical research
Julie McMullen, VIC
1540-1555 Understanding the P-value and using the correct statistical test Jamie Vandenberg, NSW
1555-1610 Practical tools to aid experimental design of pre-clinical studies:
Randomisation, blinding and sample size determination
Kate Weeks, VIC
1610-1625 Standardising pre-clinical research skills training: Lessons from
mouse echocardiography
Daniel Donner, VIC
1625-1640 Using correct controls: Animal models and antibodies Melissa Reichelt, QLD
1640-1655 Challenges: Pre-clinical studies in small and large animal
models and the next step to clinical trials
Walter Koch, USA
1655-1710 Why do clinical trials fail? Christopher Reid, WA
1710-1730 Panel discussion