CSANZ 2019

Associated Meetings

Thursday 8 August

0830-1700 Imaging Symposium (click here to view the program)
0900-1045 Cardiovascular Nursing Council Workshop: Advanced Practice in Cardiovascular Nursing (click here to view program) 
0900-1230 CSANZ Board Meeting (closed meeting) 
1030-1230 ISHR Council Executive Meeting (closed meeting)
1100-1200 TAVI Registry Update (closed meeting)
1100-1215 Cardiovascular Nursing Council Workshop: Writing scientific papers and presenting your data for conferences (click here to view program) 
1230-1330 ACOR Board Meeting (closed meeting)
1300-1700 Prevention and Indigenous Health Prize Sessions and Symposium
1300-1400 Cardiovascular Nursing Council AGM
1300-1600 Clinical Trials Council Meeting
1330-1630 Cardiovascular Genetics Council Symposium (click here to view program) 
1330-1400 ACOR Member AGM (closed meeting)
1345-1500 JMCC Early Investigator Symposium (click here to view program) 
1400-1500 TAVI Registry Steering Committee (closed meeting)
1400-1600 Heart Failure Satellite Meeting
1430-1700 Fellows in Training Symposium (click here to view program)
1430-1600 Digital eHealth Strategy Symposium
1500-1600 LAAO Committee Meeting (closed meeting)
1500-1700 Heart Rhythm Council Symposium (click here to view program)
1500-1700 ATC in Cardiology Meeting (closed meeting)
1530-1730 JMCC Early Investigator Workshop
1600-1630 Clinical Trials Council AGM
1600-1700 Heart Failure AGM
1600-1700 IT Strategy Committee Meeting (closed meeting)
1600-1700 Biostatistics: Hosted by Heart, Lung and Circulation
1630-1700 Cardiovascular Genetics Council AGM
1630-1800 Lipid management: Position statements and registries
1700-1730 Preventative Cardiology Council AGM 
1710-1800 Imaging Council AGM
1700-1900 CRE-COI Investigators Meeting (closed meeting)
1730-1800 Heart Rhythm Council AGM
1800-1830 Australian and New Zealand Cardiac Devices Advisory and Complications Committee (ANZCDACC) General Meeting 2019 (closed meeting)

Friday 9 August

1000-1130 National Cardiac Registry Meeting (closed meeting)
1230-1330 Advanced Training Trainees' Workshop
1230-1330 MBS Review Update
1230-1400 Allied Health, Scientists and Technologists Council AGM 
1230-1400 Heart Lung and Circulation Editorial Board Meeting (closed meeting)
1245-1345 NEDA AGM
1300-1400 Medico-legal discussions in cardiology (click here to view program)
1700-1830 CHAANZ Steering Committee Meeting (closed meeting)

Saturday 10 August

1030-1130 ACC/CSANZ/ESC: Future Opportunities
1200-1330 Early Investigator Speed Networking Luncheon
1200-1330 MINOCA-BAT Investigators (closed meeting)
1215-1315 CSANZ AGM and Prize Ceremony
1230-1315 ANZCMR AGM
1315-1330 SCCT-ANZ AGM
1330-1530 Women in Cardiology Symposium (click here to view program)
1700-1800 Paediatric Congenital Cardiology Council Meeting

Sunday 11 August

0800-0845 Heart, Lung and Circulation presents State-Of-The-Art: ECHO, and Sudden Cardiac Death and Ventricular Arrhythmias