CSANZ 2021

Register with certainty

Thank you to those who have registered already, and there are many of you! For those who are yet to register, we hope the following information will remove any concerns and allow you to register with confidence. 

Please see a message from Prof David Brieger below:



As outlined by Prof Brieger in the video above, our first priority is ensuring the well-being of our Members and Meeting participants. At this time our primary plan is that the CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting and ANZET Meeting will take place from 5-8 August 2021 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, with international invited speakers being the only virtual attendees. The scientific programs cover the breadth of streams and sessions you have come to know, complemented by a full social program.

We recognise that people’s ability to attend in-person may be impacted by Government restrictions, and this could occur at any time, with little warning. Virtual attendance options will be activated in response to any State/New Zealand wide restrictions (see further information regarding South Australia below) that preclude you from attending in person. You will also have the option to switch to a virtual registration if restrictions occur in your state or country within 4 weeks of the Meetings, affording you the time to change your plans accordingly.

Virtual registration fees will apply, and you will be refunded the difference. For those who have booked or will be booking accommodation, the hotel terms and conditions will apply. Cancellation and refund information specific to each hotel can be viewed here however we understand properties may be flexible in the event of state lockdowns.

Should the South Australian Government implement restrictions it may mean the Meetings cannot take place in Adelaide. The timing of those restriction announcements will determine what options will be available, including moving to a fully virtual format.

We will keep you updated as any contingencies are implemented in response to government or state restrictions.