CSANZ 2022

Sponsored Symposia



06.40 - 07.25am, Saturday 12 December

Cardiac amyloidosis: Unravelling a complex condition

Speakers: Dr Simon Gibbs & Dr James Gunton

Dr Gunton and Dr Gibbs share their clinical experience and discuss best practice in the process of diagnosing cardiac amyloidosis and ATTR-CM

  • Challenges of cardiac amyloidosis in the Australian landscape, Dr Simon Gibbs
  • A focus on ATTR-CM: Diagnostic approaches and recent advances, Dr James Gunton

Influenza Disease, influenza vaccine and CVD

Speakers: Prof. Andrew Sindone & Prof Robert Booy

Influenza vaccination is recommended and funded for all Australians aged >6 months who have cardiac disease, but vaccine coverage in this group is lower than is achieved for routine childhood vaccines. To emphasise the importance of vaccination in these individuals, we will examine the latest evidence on the association between influenza infection and CVD, and vaccination and CVD, as well as potential mechanisms of action.